Watch Highlights From Belly Flop Olympics in Norway

At the same time that diving competitions were taking place at the Olympics in Rio another less orthodox diving contest was occurring in Norway where contestants strike a stupid pose and hit the water face first. 

Call it the belly flop Olympics. The Norwegians call it dodsing. We call it painful. It’s basically a belly flop with style. A group of participants, who we can only guess are inebriated or mentally impaired, recently held the world championships of dodsing in Frogner, Norway. 

Watch as these men, and one woman, hurl themselves with reckless abandon, resisting the temptation to prepare for full-body impact. These are no ordinary belly flops. Kind of reminds us of that Steve Martin Olympic diving skit on Saturday Night Live.

A video recently surfaced that’s caught the attention of social media showing divers leap from the 10 meter platform, strike a pose in mid-air and hit the water with their bodies laid out like dead fish. 

Looks like a good time. Now it’s your turn to practice your best dodsing at the local splash zone.

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