How to Make Any Skateboard Electric with Eon

Who wants to push a skateboard with your feet anymore when electric skateboards are a thing? The problem is that electric skateboards are often big and heavy. But not anymore. 

With a new device called the Eon by Unlimited, you can turn any old skateboard into a high-flying electric board that can reach speeds of 22 mph. 

Photo credit: Unlimited Engineering

All you have to do is purchase the electric Eon Power-train module and replace your wheels with the motor. Then slide the battery under your rear trucks and off you go. This will power your newly revamped board with a range of up to 15 miles. The power is all in your hands.  

The drive-trains are currently being sold through a Kickstarter campaign for around $400. You can either install it on your own board or buy a pre-assembled board for more.

eon motor