Woman Lands Mississippi Record Gator

You know what they say? A family that slays together stays together. That could be the new moniker for a Mississippi family who recently hauled in a 686-pound alligator that broke the state record. 

Tiffany Wienke from Vicksburg was credited with the catch, though by the looks of the photos that circulated on social media, the whole family had a role to play. 

Turns out the gator beat the state record by just an eighth of an inch, putting this Mississippi woman if not her entire family in the record books. At just under 14-feet long, that’s one monster gator. 

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Alligator season in Mississippi and much of the south opened this week, so there was plenty of competition that day on the water. Tiffany told The Clarion Ledger there were five people in their hunting party, and it took two hours to bring the gator in, during which the animal broke free of two lines and they re-hooked it. 

“There were a ton of people and we tried to get away from them,” she told the paper. “We were just trolling through the water scanning bank to bank.”  

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Photo credit: Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks