Aggressive Grizzly Bears Terrorize Alberta Family

As an example of how sometimes grizzly bears just don’t get the message, a family in rural Alberta, Canada came face to face with three fearless grizzly bears that had no real concerns about their presence no matter how much noise they seemed to make. 

The terrifying encounter was captured on video and shared with CBC News by Keith Lang. who lives with his wife and daughter about 200 kilometers south of Calgary. It was just around 6:30 pm when three grizzlies approached the property.

“My daughter has got a couple of ducks in a pen next to the house. They eventually noticed the ducks and then they started going after the ducks,” he said.

That’s when his daughter began filming. She posted the video to Youtube, which drew shock and horror from viewers over the weekend, some suggesting they should probably be armed. It’s in situations like these when people often have no other choice but to shoot the animal. 

Once a bear knows that whatever deterrent you’re using is no longer a threat, it will pretty much test the limits as far as it can.

In this case, the grizzlies don’t seem affected at all by a car horn sounding and people hollering. It’s unusual bear activity, not what Lang is used to, but somewhat expected given that it is getting late in the summer and the bears are especially hungry. 

“It is a little unnerving, right? They are big animals capable of doing a lot of damage,” he told the CBC.

As for the ducks, they were just a little unnerved, but still quacking.