Production Crew Builds Glock that Shoots Underwater

If you thought you’d seen every which way possible to catch fish, well there’s yet another method out there that’s less than orthodox and that’s using a Glock 9 mm handgun.

Call it Glock fishing. But not just any Glock. Certain modifications were made to this pistol used by the crew of Go-Fish Productions to mow down invasive lionfish in a recent Youtube video.

On the video, producers make clear that lionfish are an invasive species that have proliferated in the gulf, so it’s okay they are blasting them one after another. They make delicious eating, too, which does not go to waste.

Other concerns over using lead bullets, which they don’t, and whether the firearm may actually be damaging the reef in the process are addressed by the crew as they attempt to lure the fish away from the reef before taking a shot.

Coutland Hunt with Go-Fish Productions told Outdoors360 the goal of the project was to create a gun that could be used 100 feet underwater, something many experts said wasn’t possible. It took some special modifications, which aren’t exactly revealed, and a custom suppressor to make it happen. Now Hunt is thinking the gun could actually be used for protection from sharks.

“I’m fascinated by guns, but tired of seeing videos on ‘how many watermelons, CD’s, or marshmallows can a bullet travel through,” he told O360. “Those things have no applications for me, however I can now tell you that if a shark (or watermelon) were to attack me at almost any depth that a Glock 9mm would surely protect me.”

Look for upcoming videos from the group showing more firearm prowess underwater, including one video that purports to show a gun firing a bullet the length of a swimming pool.