CAA Introduces New Glock Micro Stabilizer

Can’t decide whether you want a pistol or an AR? Well now you can have both with the Micro RONI from CAA.

This lightweight and sturdy platform accommodates various Glocks and pistols in the latest compact pistol carbine conversion kit. Just slip your pistol into the aluminum polymer body and unfold the mechanism for a sturdier position and mounting rail.

The Micro RONI is perfect for law enforcement officers who want to quickly transition into an AR style weapon with the lightweight and versatility of a pistol.

No pistol disassembly is required, just pop it in and you’re ready to go. The unit also provides two extra Picatinny rails on both the right and left for mounting additional accessories.

Ambidextrous trigger guard safety and a full auto ambidextrous cocking hand is easy to adjust and switch over to whatever your preference. It also has a front extra magazine carrier for fast reloading.

With a length of 13.7 inches, this unit weighs just 1.5 pounds and works with Glock generation 3 and 4 pistols including compensated models 17 and 19. However, it is not compatible with Glock 17 Generation 2. It’s also not permissible in California.