First American Wave Park Opens in Texas

Surfers in landlocked Austin, Texas will finally have a place to paddle out as America’s first surf park is set to open October 7 called NLand. Other parks may have stationary waves, but this is the first to open a live action wave in the United States.

But be prepared to fork out some dough. Unlike nature’s variety, to ride the waves at NLand will cost you $60-$90 per hour. It’s debut marks North America’s first ever full-size surf park open to the public, although other efforts are underway including one by Kelly Slater in Orlando. 

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The state of the art design at NLand delivers consistent two-foot set waves for about a 35-second ride.The wave breaks on either side of a man-made pier where a plow similar to a tractor drives the wave action. The same technology is currently utilized by the Spanish firm Wavegarden, which partners with NLand on the current venture.

The new surf park in Austin was not without it’s hurdles. The city had sought to stop the project on the grounds that it did not meet health and safety standards. But the park ended up settling the suite and strengthened its water treatment systems. The park will also utilize rainwater, which through treatment and recycling will create a 100 percent self-sustaining system.

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Make Waves from NLand Surf Park on Vimeo.