Two Moose Battle Between Chain Link Fence

Good fences make good neighbors. That was the advice given by Robert Frost many years ago. Well apparently this pair of moose in Anchorage, Alaska didn’t get the message.

Residents around Anchorage are familiar with seeing moose roaming around the city, and the fall can be especially active as the bull moose are all charged up for the rut. The season can breed some heavy hostilities when bull moose are encroaching on each other’s territory. Not even a fence seems to get in their way.

When two moose engaged in an altercation between a fence near Kincaid Park just outside of town, one resident was there to document the fracas. Spoiler alert: The fence loses.

He sent the video to Alaska Dispatch News, which posted it to Youtube. Watch as this fence is no match for a pair of dueling bull moose.