Upstate New York Man Arrested for Hunting While Drunk

In case you were wondering, yes it is possible to get arrested for hunting while drunk. In fact, drunk hunting is no laughing matter and can lead to serious bodily harm to yourself and others.

Sheriff’s deputies in Monroe County, New York got a call about a hunter stumbling down the road and later came up on two hunters. One of them appeared extremely drunk and was given a field sobriety test, which he failed, according to local ABC affiliate WHAM Channel 13.

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Along with the charge of hunting while intoxicated, the pair were charged with taking an illegal deer.

For many hunters, drinking and hunting just go hand in hand, like beer and pizza. But it can certainly be the easiest way to get yourself and someone else hurt. Let this be a lesson to many hunters out there who enjoy sipping a brewski in a tree stand or blind.

Photo credit: Flickr