Tennessee Sheriff Enlists Cowboy to Lasso Runaway Calf

In Tennessee, runaway cattle is just part of the job of being a sheriff, but when a calf got loose on the highway recently, one sheriff needed some help.

Sheriff Monte Belew called on the assistance of David Bevill in getting a young calf under control that was running down High 79. Bevill rode on the hood of the patrol car and lassoed the little sucker in the first shot.

Video of the take down with the sheriff narrating has been going viral on Facebook. Apparently a lot of city-folk haven’t seen a real cowboy. All in a day’s work for this cowhand and sheriff.

This is not the first time a law enforcement officer has turned to the lasso. In Oregon, a bike thief was apprehended by an officer on horseback who lassoed the suspect in a parking lot of Walmart.