Mountain Biking Over Hill

Mountain Biking – Like No Other!

Mountain Biking Over HillThe hill feels like it’s a ninety degree angle as you peddle up the rocky incline under the blazing summer sun. You’re barely moving but you keep peddling so you won’t fall over. It takes every muscle in your body, not just your legs to push the peddles around again and again. You can do it – you can beat this hill!

Why are you doing this again? Finally, you hit the top, sucking in dry mountain air and see the ground tilting away in a long decent on the other side. Oh yeah, this is why you’re up here. You hit the downside and pick up speed, the wind whipping by and cooling you down as you navigate the dirt trail. This is earned enjoyment. An ancient lava bed forms the hillside on the left as you bike down the winding trail, hugging this side of the deepening canyon. Soon you plunge into the welcoming shade below and feel a chill from the sudden coolness. Now you can enjoy the tall timber, lush underbrush and wildflowers.

The next incline isn’t so tough but it’s full of rocks and turns. You’ve got this one, though. The downside isn’t a wide path but a curvy, rocky rollercoaster ride. One rocks sends your bike off the ground and your adrenaline soaring. You’re waiting for the trail to flatten but when it does, it’s too soon.

Now, deep in the woods, a small creek scents the air and the plant life changes to marshy ferns around the bridge you cross over. The big hills are done and you’re almost to the lake. The trees slowly thin out until you’re in the sunshine again, heating up and looking forward to that dip in the mountain lake.   

The steep hills are tough but it feels great conquer them and speed down the other side. It’s all worth it when you get the ride of your life, spot wildlife and feel a part of the breathtaking scenery.