Gear Up: Arc’teryx Celeris Jacket

Backpacking and camping are activities that can be made or broken by the quality of equipment such as tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags. After all, these items need to carry the necessary gear and protect us from the elements after a long day. However, it’s important to remember the first line of defense against inclement weather or brisk temperatures: clothing. No matter where you hike or camp, it’s always a good idea to bring an item or two of clothing that will help prevent being soaked by rain, such as a lightweight jacket. Today, I’ll detail a great jacket by Arc’teryx that is not only lightweight and water-resistant, but also maintains a high level of movement for its wearer, which is always a key element in the outdoors.

Firstly, you need to know that the Celeris jacket is not your go-to jacket for a winter hike. It’s not necessarily designed for a specific purpose; it is simply one of the best all-around, lightweight jackets to have on a trip.

The Celeris is comprised of Luminara, a nylon weave fabric that, in the Celeris’ case, also possesses a wind and water-repellent coating. This fabric also happens to maintain a level of stretch, which allows you to move about freely and unrestricted, but since the fabric is made from Luminara, rather than Spandex, it’s also more durable, which is an ideal trait for a hiking jacket. Furthermore, the jacket holds a slimmer, athletic fit, which reduces billowing and bunching up while bending.

The Celeris is available in both men’s and women’s styles and comes in a handful of colors. Both gender styles cost around $130, which is highly reasonable considering the price of many outdoors clothing items, as well as the fact that this jacket will last a very long time.

It can be difficult to find products that offer many desired features in one package. Usually if you’re looking for lightweight material, you forego durability, and vice versa. However, the Celeris possesses many of the key traits outdoorsmen look for in their products, and does so for a cost that won’t break the bank. Durable enough to withstand a substantial amount of wind and water, but breathable and lightweight enough to wear anywhere and stuff inside a pack or even a fanny-pack (just over 4 ounces, to be exact), the Celeris from Arc’teryx is a jacket that every outdoors enthusiast should look into picking up.