Gerber Bear Grylls Survivor Series

You’ve heard the expression, “an unstoppable force meets an immoveable object,” right? Normally, this expression applies to an instance when two equally powerful and relentless ideals, individuals, or objects clash. However, what if the unstoppable force and the immoveable object combined? Gerber, a legendary manufacturer of knives and other tools, and Bear Grylls, world-renowned survival expert, have done just that. Collaborating wilderness knowledge with expert craftsmanship, the company and “The Kid Who Climbed Everest” have introduced to the outdoors market their Survival Series, a revolutionary line of knives, tools, and survival items that are designed to get the job done, no matter what.

When most of us hear the name Gerber, we immediately think of an impressive tradition of high-quality knives. Well, this standard of excellence continues with the great knife selection within the Survival Series. The knives in the series come in a variety of lengths and edges, but also come in fixed blade and folding blade models, complete with belt sheath for easy carrying and safety. The knives also possess a soft, but sturdy rubber grip handle that enables you to maintain a firm grasp despite sweat or wet conditions. Furthermore, select models come with a fire starter, diamond sharpener, and even emergency whistle. Along a similar line, the Survival Series also offers parangs, which are great for cutting a swath through the brush on backcountry treks.

Other than knives, the series also includes several simple, but critical, tools vital to outdoor survival. Fire starters, multi-tools, emergency whistles, first aid items, and other such tools are all offered by the Survival Series line. Many of these items, such as the fire starter, for example, incorporate a combination of features, like including a built-in emergency whistle into its design. Such practical design, along with the fact that most of these smaller items are attached to lanyards, making them easier to keep track of, is what sets this Series apart and raises the bar. There are even entire Survival Series kits, which contain several of the aforementioned tools and makes gearing up for your next trip easy and quick.

The fact that Bear Grylls has worked with Gerber to not only create, but field-test each item in the Survival Series to ensure its functionality, durability, and quality in extreme situations should bring a peace of mind to any outdoors enthusiast in the market for some new tools. The next time you find yourself at your local retailers, stop by the outdoors department and take a look at the Survival Series selection. Read through the features, feel the weight of the items in your hands, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all, knowledge is your best asset in the wilderness, but having a great arsenal of gear isn’t bad either.