Gear Up: Gerber Steady Multitool

Gerber is a name that is synonymous with the outdoors. The company’s impressive lineup of elite knives and other tools has made enjoying the outdoors, and other activities, much easier on customers who look for craftsmanship and reliability in their products. One way that Gerber maintains such a loyal fan base is their dedication to adapting to changes in technology and, thus, the needs of their customers. Today’s Gear Up focuses on the Steady, a new multitool from Gerber, that delivers function and durability in true Gerber fashion, but also implements a few design features that appeal to an ever-changing outdoor world.

I’ll begin with the most innovative feature of the Steady, which is its ability to mount a small camera or phone to itself. The Steady accomplishes this with the inclusion of flexible tripod legs, as well as a suction cup mount for phones or a camera screw mount. For picture-lovers who want to remember their trips for many years. This helpful Element of the Gerber Steady allows you to mount a camera on a log or rock and pose for a photo. Furthermore, even if you don’t camp, you can use the mount to watch movies on your phone without having to hold the phone yourself. It’s important to know, however, that the camera mount isn’t designed for DSLR cameras or video cameras, and is designed to be used with small digital cameras or smart phones.

Other than the useful addition of a camera mount and tripod legs, the Steady also possesses several tools that enable it to be yet another impressive item in Gerber’s product line. It has long and short knife blades, three screwdrivers, a can opener, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, and a bottle opener. The Steady also consists of a hard and durable plastic housing, which makes it much lighter than many other multitools on the market without sacrificing structural integrity.

The Gerber Steady costs around $60, depending on where you purchase it. This price is highly comparable to many other multitools on the market, but I urge you to always get a feel for any potential purchase for yourself before making a decision. Weight and shape are important factors when shopping for knives or multitools. After all, they’re meant to be an extension of your hand when working on any given task.

Convenience and practicality have become the new trend in products, and as this happens, outdoorsmen are finding ways to get more from nature by utilizing products such as GPS devices, MP3 players, smart phones, and digital cameras. The Gerber Steady multitool utilizes innovative design features that enable customers to combine the incorporation of modern devices with tried and true Gerber design.