Repel Bugs With…Clothes?

One of the biggest annoyances for many, when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, is the bug situation. There are several types of sprays, lotions, and even bracelets designed to keep those irritating, yet vital, pests from bothering us, but some of us are either allergic to these products, or simply can’t stand the smell of them. If the pungent smell of bug repellent is something you’d prefer to avoid, then you might be in luck. NosiLife, a clothing line available through CragHoppers (the same company where you can find the Bear Grylls outdoor clothing line), offers high-performance clothes that fit well, maintain comfort, and repel insects.

If you’re scratching your head right now, you’re not alone. The technology behind the NosiLife line is unheard of. NosiLife fabric is breathable, and impregnated with permanent insect-repellency, and has been proven to be 90% effective against mosquitoes and other pests. This protection will last as long as the clothes. Furthermore, the majority of the clothes in the NosiLife line are equipped with moisture control and UV 40+ protection. Also, select items include helpful features such as hidden security pockets for important items like passports or wallets.

The NosiLife line includes a variety of clothing options for men and women alike, ranging from pants to shirts, all of which require no ironing prior to use. Not only is the sheer variety convenient, but certain items even come in different sizes, depending on your height. One stlye of men’s cargo pants, for example, is available in three different lengths. The line also includes vests, hats, tube scarves, socks, and dresses, which makes packing for a trip a versatile and streamlined process.

As you look for the more substantial items, like pants and button-down shirts or jackets, the price of the NosiLife line gets a little steep. However, the items do perform exceedingly well and come with a lifetime guarantee, which any outdoors enthusiast will look for more than low cost.

If you’re in the market for some new outdoor clothing, and have a bit of time to wait for shipping, then I highly suggest trying out one or two items in the NosiLife line from Craghoppers. A company already well-known for its high-performing, durable, and comfortable clothing, Craghoppers really listened to what outdoorsmen look for in their clothing, as well as their disdain for insects, and utilized technology to create a revolutionary line of clothing. With a myriad of helpful features, functionality, and comfort, the NosiLife line may be the last step in your search for the ideal outdoors gear.