Gear Up: Merrell Trail Glove

One great aspect of the outdoors is the exercise they offer to those who pay them a visit now and then. Whether it’s rigorous kayaking or rock climbing, outdoors enthusiasts can burn calories and tone muscle in a variety of ways that don’t feel boring or forced, because they’re staying fit while enjoying what they love. This is also true with trail running, which is just another effective way to stay in shape on the trail. Trail runners love the varying terrain and beautiful scenery that the sport provides, but they also need the proper equipment for such an endeavor. For those readers who prefer a winding trail to a treadmill, and are in need of a quality pair of shoes, I highly recommend paying a visit to your local retailer and checking out Merrell’s Trail Glove, the subject of this month’s Gear Up.

Theere are many people who think that a simple pair of running shoes will be fine for trail running, and if the trails you frequent are smooth, flat, and free of obstructions like roots or rocks, then they’re correct. However, experienced hikers and trail runners know that a good pair of shoes, designed for the rough terrain that trails have to offer, make all the difference. At first glance, the Trail Glove may not seem like much. Don’t let the small size deceive you, however; that’s where the shoe stands out the most among others on the market. The Trail Glove fits in a way that feels as if you’re not wearing a shoe at all, and its lightweight design allows you to run without the sometimes clunky feeling that other trail shoes have. The Trail Glove is also comprised of a mesh upper which allows your feet to breathe and feel less constricted.

Now, I’m sure some of you are wondering how such a lightweight, breathable shoe is supposed to handle the rough trails this country has to offer. Well, if you’re familiar with Merrell and the company’s impressive collection of boots and shoes, then you have your answer. The Trail Glove is equipped with rubber toe bumpers, shock absorption plates, EVA insoles, and Vibram Trail Glove soles, all of which combine to create a durable shoe that can handle the toughest trails.

Merrell’s Trail Glove is available in three different colors and costs only $110, which makes it a very affordable addition to your gear. It’s received rave reviews from consumers and retailers alike, and continues to sell in high numbers month after month, with good reason. Such an incredible shoe from a respected company doesn’t stay on shelves long after consumers try it on and feel its quality firsthand. As I said earlier, if you’re a trail runner, or if you’re just interested in a change of scenery for your morning jog, then the Trail Glove, from Merrell, is the perfect way to get the job done.