How to Waterproof Boots and Keep Them in Good Shape

No matter how stylish your favorite hunting boots are (or any boots for that matter) like any thing else, they are prone to the factors of nature, like rain and snow against sand, stone. If not properly cared for and protected your boots will soon loose their shine and shape and simply wear away. What can you do to help your boots last a little longer?

First of all know your enemy. Water and salt are your worst enemies. Actually water is since over exposure to water will pretty soon leave your boots deformed with lots of marks and wrinkles. A wet boot is an uncomfortable one and can even harm your skin if it’s worn for too long.

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As for salt, just think of winter time and all slat used to tackle excessive snow. Together with water it speeds up the aging of your boots.

Even though most of the boots already have waterproofed protective layer they don’t last forever and that’s why you need to additionally protect your boots if you want them to last. Check out few quick and simple tips on how to waterproof boots.

Store boots properly

You’d be surprised how many of us take this for granted. It’s not enough to throw them somewhere in dry closet. Leave them in a proper position as everything else can be damaging for their shape.

Clean your boots

Every time you come home from the outside clean your boots first. Don’t leave them muddy and soaking wet. Rinse or wipe away dirt, dust, sand, mud or snow and dry them out before storing them. If not cleaned properly you won’t be able to add conditioner/spray/wax evenly and they won’t be effective in protecting your boots.

Condition your boots

If you have leather boots always use conditioner like Cadillac Boot & Shoe Care Leather Conditioner to additionally protect them.

You can also use protective spray made especially for the material of your boots. Make sure you made the right choice when picking up the spray. It is known they can change the color of your boots slightly if not matched correctly. Also, when applying it make sure you don’t hold the nozzle too close to the boots since the spray has to disperse evenly.

Use waterproofing wax

Make sure your shoes are clean when applying wax and don’t add shiner, toner or anything else as they simply won’t reach your shoes because of the wax layer.

Regular maintenance is the key

Whichever method you choose to protect your boots you can’t make them completely water resistant. You can help prolong their lifespan but only if you take care of them regularly.

Best way to keep your favorite boots in shape is to take good, regular care of them and monitor the state they are in.

Hope we helped you learn how to waterproof your boots the right way. Let us know what you think about it by leaving a quick comment below.

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