Tips for Beach Camping

How could anyone not like camping? I mean, you get the chance to get away from work or school, you’re not surrounded by loud traffic, and you get to relax with friends or family for a few days. It’s great! There are thousands of great camping locations throughout the country, but even then, sometimes a change of scenery is welcome. Other than a clearing in a forest or a campground, there are actually a few different places where one can make camp, such as a desert, a mountainside, or even hanging suspended on the side of a cliff. Today, though, I want to give you a few tips on beach camping, as it’s a little different than the traditional campsite.

Let’s start with the reasons why beach camping is such a great idea. Anyone who’s ever camped or experienced the outdoors at specific times of the year will tell you just how unbearable the bugs can become, especially if you’re ill-prepared for them. However, even using repellent can be rough, as it smells pretty bad. One great thing about camping on the beach is the fact there are virtually no insects. Other than the lack of insects, there’s another great aspect to beach camping: the ocean. I don’t mean the option of swimming or tanning, but rather the smell of the ocean breeze and the soothing melody of the waves as background music to a great weekend of camping. Sleeping and waking to the sound of the ocean is something that you just can’t get anywhere else.

When it comes to camping on the beach, you’ll probably want to bring some items that you wouldn’t think of bringing to the woods. For instance, dpending on who you’re camping with, you might want to bring along items for water-related activities, such as boogie boards, floatation devices, etc. If you opt for a tentless experience, then I definitely suggest a big blanket to lie on at night, as well as extra blankets. No matter where you are, it gets cold at night, even on the beach, so extra protection isn’t a bad idea. Extra clothes, extra water, towels, bonfire materials (if permitted), sun screen, deep tent spikes (if using a tent), fishing gear (again, if permitted), and a cooler. For activities, I suggest things like Frisbee, kite flying, football, volleyball, kayaking, and snorkeling.

Obviously, you’ll need to find out whether or not a given beach even permits overnight camping before going there for such a trip. Once there, set up camp far enough from the shore in order to avoid the tide at night. Keep an eye out for signs prohibiting pets, swimming in certain areas, fishing, and other such activities. Also, never take a floatation device too far into the ocean, especially during high tide. It may seem like harmless fun at first, but the ocean’s currents are far too strong to make it back to sure on an inflatable raft alone.

There are a few regions that are famous for beach camping, such as Cape Cod or Myrtle Beach, and if you’ve been looking for a change of pace for your next family trip or romantic getaway, I highly suggest getting a little sandy. On the one hand, you have the joy of camping. On the other, you have the relaxation of the beach. Why not put your hands together and discover a truly enjoyable experience this summer?