Gear Up: Garmin Fenix Watch

In this day and age, the word Garmin is well-known among outdoorsmen and non-outdoorsmen alike. The word is synonymous with maps, driving directions, and trails and has become a household name over the last five years. Most associate Garmin is GPS units that mount to the windshield of a car, or perhaps a handheld GPS device for hiking, such as the Oregon model. However, Garmin also offers a selection of watch units that are equipped with GPS and trail mapping capabilities, and today we’ll take a closer look at one of them, the Fenix.

The Fenix is considered to be a GPS/ABC watch, which means it not only serves as a GPS device, but includes an altimeter, barometer, and compass (A,B,C). The watch’s GPS allows you to create your own routes and record up to 1,000 waypoints. Furthermore, the watch also possesses a feature that guides you back along a previously recorded trail.

Getting down to the ABC’s of the Fenix, the altimeter provides precise elevation information to keep track of both your ascent and descent while hiking. The barometer helps you monitor and predict weather changes by displaying alterations in air pressure. The electronic compass maintains a constant bearing whether you’re moving or not. The sensors for each of these features are automatically calibrated through the GPS receiver.

The Fenix also features a temperature sensor, which helps you to determine clothing and shelter needs by displaying how rapidly the temperature is changing. Data relating to distance travelled, calories burned, and pace are recorded as well, to help you keep track of your progress during and after the trip. Other helpful features include Bluetooth technology that allows you to share your data among wireless devices, automatic time change when changing time zones, and waterproof capabilities up to 50m.

Sometimes our activities don’t afford us quick access to a handheld GPS, which is where watch units come in handy. With an impressive arsenal of features, durable, shock-resistant design that boasts steel-reinforced housing and a scratch-resistant crystal face, the Fenix is a great addition to your outdoor gear. The $400 price tag might scare away casual outdoorsmen, but the Fenix is an impressive device that is worth a second look if you’re in the market.