Gear Up: Grand Trunk Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

I love innovation that thinks outside the box and solves a common problem in the simplest ways. I love this even more when it involves outdoor gear. Sleeping on a hammock is my preference when I’m camping in decent weather, but like many others, doing so while in a sleeping bag can become frustrating when the bag’s loft is crushed beneath my weight. Grand Trunk, a well-known travel and camping gear manufacturer, has taken great strides towards solving this problem with their Hammock Compatible sleeping bag. If hammock camping is your thing, keep reading to learn more about this great product!

Simply placing your sleeping bag on a hammock and calling it a night can become uncomfortable very quickly. Because the bag’s loft is crushed beneath your weight in this instance, you lose a lot of protection against cooler temperatures. Grand Trunk’s bag instead wraps around both you and the hammock, creating an insulated, swinging nest. Zippered openings at the head and feet allow your hammock to pass through the bag, rather than beneath it, giving you full protection on all sides. The openings have bungee cord loops, so you can cinch them closed to keep cold air out.

The bag zips on both sides, which allows for ventilation on warmer nights, but you’ll be comfortable on cooler nights due to the bag’s 32-degree rating, as well. It also features a draft collar, internal zippered pocket, and a cozy mummy design.

When stored in its stuff sack, the sleeping bag takes up around 14 inches of space and weighs just a bit over two pounds, which makes it very easy to transport, even on long hikes to your backcountry campsite. Even better, the bag only costs $179.99, which makes it very affordable to any outdoorsman.

Hammock camping is a great way to experience the outdoors and I’m a firm believer that every outdoor enthusiast should try it. Grand Trunk’s Hammock Compatible sleeping bag will help make the experience that much better, especially in colder weather, with its implementation of great design. Hammock enthusiasts will love its practicality and anyone interested in hammock camping would do well to check it out!