Gear Up: TENTSILE Stingray 3 Tree Tent

tentsileTents are a staple piece of gear for any outdoorsman, but sometimes it can be enjoyable to enjoy the outdoors in an out-of-the-box manner. Using a hammock with a rain fly or bug net is one way of doing this, but today we’ll take a look at a unique piece of gear that takes this concept one step further and combines hammocks and tents into a fun experience. Keep reading for a closer look at the Stingray tree tent from TENTSILE.

At first glance, the Stingray looks like something you’d see in the Swiss Family Robinson—a platform and tent suspended between tree trunks via three hammock straps. In essence, that’s exactly what it is. It “floats” between trees and suspends campers above the ground while keeping them sheltered via the built-in tent. This way you get a new, exciting experience and you’re free from rocky terrain or insects on the ground. Of course, you can also lay the Stingray flat on the ground if you like.

Made of polyester mesh fabric, the three-season, three-person tent possesses a two-pole design that gives plenty of interior room and is comprised of three spacious hammocks, with tent access through a triangular floor hatch or the tent’s front door. You also have a full mesh top that provides views and ventilation.

With the Stingray you get heavy-duty straps with ratchet buckles, which allow you to suspend the tent between three trees. Make sure the trees have at least a ten-inch diameter and don’t suspend the tent more than four feet above the ground, for safety purposes. This open space beneath the tent also offers a bonus: dry storage space for gear, pets, bikes, etc.

You can safely load the Stingray with up to 875 lbs, so keep that in mind, especially considering that you’re suspended above the ground. It comes in four different colors, so you have a fair amount of options to suit you. You’ll also want to consider the $750 price tag to see if the Stingray is worth it. For many, it isn’t. Read the reviews and consider other options, of course, before you make any gear purchase, as always.

TENTSILE’s Stingray tree tent is an enjoyable, unconventional way to sleep in the outdoors, but its hefty price tag, especially when compared to other tents on the market, will only appeal to a small margin of consumers. It may be something more people pick up as a backyard fort for their children, rather than a sole means of shelter on the trail, but whether or not it’s for you is going to be your decision to make.