Gear Up: Snow Peak 450 Titanium Mug

While the outdoors are about “roughing it” and getting away from the luxuries we can sometimes take for granted, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with bringing along a few of your favorite comforts when you hit the trail. One such comfort is coffee, which I personally can’t live without. When I’m camping, I love being able to wake up early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and a great view with a warm cup of coffee. I do this with the Snow Peak Titanium 450 mug.

Some may not find a titanium mug to be necessary, given the affordability and abundance of plastic mugs on the market today. I go with the 450 because the titanium is super durable. I’ve seen plastic mugs crack, fade, and even melt over the years, which is a little worrying, given the chemicals used in some of them. The 450’s titanium stays true, though, and will keep looking brand new after many trips to the woods.

The 450 is available in single (available in blue, green, or purple) and double-wall (only available in stainless titanium) models. The double-walled mug is great for insulating warm drinks, but its $50 price tag, compared to the single-walled mug’s $35.95 can leave outdoorsmen opting for the least costly of the two. Each model holds 14 fluid ounces and the heat resistant handles fold in for compact storage. Furthermore, the double-walled model comes with a mesh carrying bag.

Don’t limit your use of the mug to coffee alone, though. It’s great for eating pasta, rice, oatmeal, or any other similar foods. Just be sure not to use it to heat liquid, though, as it’s not designed for that (this can damage the double-walled model, as well). Also, I’d recommend picking up the optional sipper lid, as well, which costs around $5.

If you count yourself as a fellow coffee addict, then I suggest Gearing Up with the Snow Peak Titanium 450 mug the next time you need a cup of Joe on the trail. Titanium is lightweight and very durable, which makes the mug a reliable companion for your next trip. The mug is a favorite among outdoorsmen and I can attest to its reputation from personal experience!