Gear Up: Ascend A10 Sit-in Kayak

a10I don’t know about you, but in my neck of the woods, Summer means people head up north and seek the water wherever they can. This time of year, the rivers and lakes are riddled with canoes, kayaks, and any type of watercraft people can dock. If you’re itching to paddle out and you’re in the market for a kayak of your own, prepare yourself for the dozens of options available to you. Today, though, we’ll take a closer look at a kayak that’s endeared itself to kayakers throughout the country, the A10 Sit-in by Ascend.

Ascend debuted a few years back with a flurry of products ranging from backpacks to kayaks, each of which was quickly embraced by outdoorsmen. The company has redesigned its A10 Sit-in kayak to provide customers with better performance on the water for a price that won’t break the bank.

The A10 does this by incorporating several new features, starting with an advanced tunnel hull design with improved directional tracking for increased speed and stability, which means increased stability and paddling ease. The new design also features an upgraded removable steel-frame mesh seat that delivers extended comfort during hours on the water, and the removable feature means you have the option of using the seat on land at the beach or around a campfire. Furthermore, the large open cockpit provides users with a broader range of movement, giving you free access to cargo and easy entry and exit at the shore.

There’s a bungee system in the rear of the cockpit that allows for quick access to cargo, where you can even a cooler up to 36 quarts in size. You’ll also appreciate the quick rest paddle holders that let you rest your paddle without having to secure it away in the paddle keeper. Other bonus features include a deep, molded cup holder, two large catch-all trays, a threaded and sealed drain plug that allows you to quickly drain excess water, and rubber grip handles at the front and rear that make carrying the nearly ten-foot A10 easy.

One of the favorite features of the A10 is that it’s made in the U.S., which is a rarity these days. It comes in a blue color and comes with an exceptionally affordable price tag of $300, which makes it a steal for anyone looking for a new kayak. Heck, for that price, you can even grab two.

Ascend, a Bass Pros Shops specific brand, debuted around four years ago with a stacked lineup of quality outdoor products and, aiming to deliver reliable gear to outdoorsmen, has continued to improve those products throughout the years. The A10 Sit-in kayak has been a fan favorite since its release and the newly redesigned model only takes its quality to the next level.