Gear Up: Pelican Waterproof Cases

pelican caseWith the number of things that smartphones can do nowadays, it’s safe to assume that everyone—even outdoorsmen on the trail or the river—keep one on their person. That being said, though, nature can happen, and you don’t want to be worried about your phone, wallet, or small digital camera when you hit the river or find yourself in a downpour. For this reason, it’s smart to invest in waterproof cases in which you can store a number of small items that may be damaged by water. Today, we’ll explore such cases offered by Pelican, and learn more about how you can Gear Up with them the next time you hit the trail or the river.

Pelican’s 1000 series waterproof cases are ideal for protecting smaller items from water and other forms of damage Mother Nature can throw at you. Comprised of durable, quality plastic and an internal rubber liner to protect against sudden impacts, the cases also feature an automatic pressure purge valve.

Externally, the cases offer a strap attachment point, along with a carabiner, so you can easily attach them to your belt or pack. While the carabiners are strong enough to carry the case, don’t try to put too much weight on them, such as your own; they’re not made for it.

Pelican’s 1000 series cases are available in a three different sizes (1010, 1020, and 1050), and come in a few different color options. The 1010 case costs $16.50, is available in yellow or black and offers roughly 12-square inches of internal storage space. The 1020 case costs $22, comes in green, yellow, or black, and offers nearly 16-square inches of internal space. Lastly, the 1050 runs $26, comes in yellow or black, and around 25-square inches of storage space. There are a few options to choose, depending on the size of your electronics, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one to suit your needs.

I’ve used Pelican’s cases on several kayaking outings, and the peace of mind they offer when I’m negotiating rapids or footing the kayak over shallow passes is priceless. Their durability and protection against water are great friends to have on the river or on the trail, and I urge anyone in need of a protective storage solution for their phone or camera to look into one this season.