Gear Up: Lifeproof iPhone Case

Let’s face it, with the advances in technology over the last few years, the convenience and practicality of having a smartphone on hand makes the decision to bring your own device on a hike or camping trip a no-brainer. However, the outdoors isn’t always bunnies and flowers. Rugged terrain, harsh weather, and accidents have sent many devices to an early grave over the years. Outdoorsmen who own iPhones can rest a little easier, though, with help from an amazing case from Lifeproof. If you’re an iPhone owner and avid outdoors enthusiast, keep reading to learn how you can Gear Up with the Lifeproof iPhone case.

The Lifeproof iPhone case is a waterproof, dirt proof, and shock proof solution that keeps your iPhone safe from nearly anything nature can throw at it. Slim (only 13.3 mm) and lightweight, the case is much less cumbersome that many other phone cases on the market. The case is equipped with a scratch-resistant screen protector, dirt and waterproof seals that you allow you to submerge the phone in water, snow, or a downpour, and consists of durable polycarbonate. Also, the lens is comprised of double-coated optical glass, which doesn’t interfere or distort any photos taken with the camera function on your phone.

The iPhone case is available in three different color patterns (black, white, and purple) and costs $80. Some may think that’s a little high for a phone case, but outdoorsmen know how priceless certain features can be, especially when it comes to protecting electronics.

Lifetouch also makes a variety of accessories for their iPhone case that really allow you to take your phone everywhere, no matter what the activity may be. Available accessories include a mount adapter for your car, a belt clip, the buoyant LifeJacket (great for boaters, anglers, or kayakers), a bike/bar mount, and an arm band for runners. Each accessory possesses the functionality and durability of the phone case, and such a variety of options really increases the versatility of your phone’s role in your outdoor activities.  

If you’re like me, you use your phone for many, many things, and with the apps available to us today—GPS, fitness monitors, cameras, and even constellation viewers—who wouldn’t take a smartphone for a hike or a camping trip? Whether you’re hitting the river on a kayak, or just spending a day downtown, Lifeproof’s iPhone case is the best line of defense against nearly everything the world can hit you with.