How to Adjust to Sleeping Outdoors

hThe outdoors aren’t for everybody. As hard as some may try, they just can’t seem to get excited at the thought of spending time in the woods, let alone find comfort in sleeping on the ground. Hopefully, this prospect doesn’t keep you from experiencing nature, but if being comfortable when sleeping bag is difficult, then you’re in luck. Today we’ll take a look at some ways you can adapt to the more rugged circumstances of sleeping in a tent in hopes that you’ll be snoring like a bear in no time.

The location of your tent will play a large role in your overnight comfort on a camping trip. To make things more comfortable, make sure your tent floor is sitting on a flat, obstacle-free, durable surface. Obstacle-free in this case mean you should avoid pitching your tent on top of roots, rocks, large sticks, or pine cones. Basically, find a flat surface and clear away anything that you don’t want to sleep on.

Next, you’ll need to mentally prepare yourself for the new surroundings you’ll be facing. Yes, you have voluntarily abandoned your comfortable bed in order to immerse yourself in the outdoors. The sooner you make peace with this and accept that you won’t be on a Tempur-Pedic mattress beneath a down comforter, the better. Furthermore, the bathroom is no longer right down the hall; it's now five sites down the campground loop, or even the large bush a few dozen yards away. Be OK with that. The joy of the experience will override any temporary inconveniences. Embrace it, because no matter what, it’s awesome.

Physically adapting to camping conditions is important. Most newcomers are surprised by two things their first time out: how cool temperatures get after sundown and how dark the night sky is. To prepare for this, bring insulating clothing or dress in layers, and bring a headlamp and/or flashlight with extra batteries. Also, it’s smart to hang an LED lantern inside your tent as soon as you set it up. Just be sure to close the tent flap completely or you’ll attract dozens of mosquitoes and moths in no time.

Lastly, try to appreciate the uniqueness of the moment. Most of us live our lives attached at the hip to modern conveniences like television, cell phones, laptops, or refrigerators. When you’re camping, do all you can to ensure your comfort, but also realize that for a few nights you have the opportunity to experience the world around you from a new, rare, majestic perspective that some may never experience themselves.