Gear Up: Eton Raptor Solar Charger

eton raptorAs much as we head to the forests and trails to get away from the din of everyday distractions, electronics still prove to be a vital part of enjoying the outdoors. Heck, even the most rugged and minimalistic backcountry enthusiast has a need for a GPS, a camera, or a smartphone. When you’re far from civilization, though, it can be difficult to charge such electronics, especially if you’re gone for weeks at a time. There are solutions to this problem, though, one of which is the subject of today’s article. Keep reading to learn how you can Gear Up with the Raptor Solar Charger from Eton.

Eton’s Raptor solar-powered charger is a lightweight (11oz), thin device with a digital display that you can clearly read. The Raptor can be easily stored in a pack or strapped to the exterior with a caribiner. It’s also splash proof, which will keep it safe against rain, but I wouldn’t stand in a downpour or submerge it in water.

Other features that the Raptor offers include a digital radio tuner, barometer, altimeter, alarm clock, compass, bottle opener, chronograph, weather alert, AV input, DC input, and bottle opener. Furthermore, the 1800mAh lithium-ion battery can be recharged and the device’s display clearly shows the current charge.

The Raptor is available in three different colors—orange, green, and black—and costs $100. The easily affordable price tag allows outdoorsmen with a variety of budgets to add this device to their gear.

With some electronics, you can carry spare batteries, but others—phones, for example—you’ll need to charge them after a period of time. In the backcountry, this is nearly impossible, but portable solar chargers like Eton’s Raptor make it an easily affordable reality. If you’re in the market for a charger for your own devices, I suggest you head to Eton Corp’s website and give the Raptor a second look.