Gear Up: BioLite KettleCharge

bioliteWhen companies come up with innovative products to make the outdoors safer and more enjoyable, they often receive much praise. When companies create multifunctional, multi-faceted products, that praise is exponentially greater. Today we’ll take a look at such an item, as we explore how you can Gear Up with the BioLite KettleCharge.

Cooking and keeping electronics charged are two important aspects to many outdoors enthusiasts. BioLite’s KettleCharge is not only a water-boiling kettle that can be put over the camp stove, though. Fill the base with up to 750 mL of water and as the water boils, an internal thermo-electric generator generates electricity that is then stored in an internal battery, which you can use to power your electronics, like cell phones or cameras. Unlike conventional solar panel chargers, though, the KettleCharge can be used any time you need it, and at 10 watts, it will charge USB devices as fast as a wall outlet.

The KettleCharge provides off-grid power and potable water in a short amount of time—minutes, in fact. As the water boils, electricity is produced and sent to the device’s power handle. Furthermore, it works on a wide range of stoves—camping or kitchen—and serves as a perfect personal power option for your everyday devices. Charging the KettleCharge for fifteen minutes will provide you with about five hours of talk time on a phone, five hours of video, and twenty hours of audio.

The KettleCharge is also easily transportable, making it ideal for camping trips. With the handle folded in, it’s just under three inches high and seven inches in diameter. Finally, at $150, it’s appealing to a variety of budgets.

Saving space, cooking, and charging electronics don’t usually work well together, but BioLite’s KettleCharge can help accomplish this task a little by allowing you to charge your electronics while boiling potable water for the campsite. Keep it in mind if you’re in the market for your next camping gadget, or a gift for the outdoors lover in your life this Christmas.