Taking place a day before the official opening of the largest outdoor retailer convention in the world, the demo day at the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Convention gives visitors a chance to try out the latest designs in person and on the water. Chief among them was a motorized paddleboard, a lightweight packraft and the BioLite camp stove.

The latest kayaks, paddleboards, packrafts and hammocks filled the beach at Pineview Reservoir in Utah recently as part of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Demo Day.

Current Drives


The motorized paddleboard by Current Drives can power your board 5 mph for roughly 35 hours. It fits into almost any paddleboard, even the inflatable type too, and you can even install it yourself. Not a bad way to get around on the water. MSRP $1799

Yeti Rambler Colster


There are beer koozies and then there are super beer koozies. The engineers at YETI Coolers have taken the koozie to the next level with its spece-engineered Rambler Colster. Using a thermolock gasket and double walled vacuum-insulation this device takes keeping your beer cold to extreme levels. Never again will your hand be cool and your beer warm. Never again! MSRP $30 

BioLite Camp Stove

CampStove_1_6fa4fcf8-a6f1-4885-b228-408620482b35_largeNot often does a product come along as innovative as the BioLite Camp Stove. This unique stove transfers thermal energy from a fire into electricity that power can charge an electronic device or support a fan beneath the stove that stokes the fire. MSRP $129 

Kopateli Packraft


If there ever was a product that spelled adventure it’s the Nirvana packraft. Squeezing into the size of a sleeping back, these lightweight rafts can be brought to life with an inflation sack. $725 

La Siesta Hammock


At La Siesta out of Miami, Florida offers a range of outdoor hammocks. Great for backpackers they carry a line of nylon travel hammocks that fold up tight and don’t tangle. Utilizing a draw string design and convenient clips, these hammocks are easy to hang and don’t tangle. MSRP $49