GoPro Camera Tips

goproGoPro cameras are swiftly redefining how we view the outdoors and record our own experiences. With these handy cameras, capturing exciting videos or still shots is easier than ever, making preserving memories during even the most rigorous activities possible for everyone. Today we’ll take a look at some tips to help new GoPro owners get the most out of their cameras.

You’ll want to make sure you have enough memory to store videos and photos, so be sure to use a quality memory card. GoPro cameras require Class 10 microSD cards, which are sold separately, but easily found anywhere GoPro cameras are sold. How much memory will you need? Well, it depends on what kind of videographer you are and how long your trips will be. As a reference, though, know that a 32GB card will hold up to three hours of video.

When it comes to actually shooting engaging, exciting videos, you’ll find that using your GoPro will become more fun once you familiarize yourself with it. While your GoPro has a default setting of 1080p resolution and 30fps, you can boost your quality by creating movement within your shots, as well. This is easy when you’re shooting a snowboarding run or a mountain bike ride, where the action is inherent, but when your subject is more stationary, you can create movement by walking around your subject as you shoot, and moving the camera up or down to create a sense of motion.

Also, look for unusual anglers that most wouldn’t think to use. Often times, getting down to ground level and taking photos/video offers a unique perspective that most wouldn’t even think of, especially when you’re hiking.

With videos, try to avoid long scenes. Keeping your individual scene lengths brief—three to five seconds—you can more easily keep track of your footage and toss any unwanted clips.

Finally, have a plan before you head out, especially if your goal is to create a video and not just to preserve memories. If it helps, create a quick storyboard ahead of time so you can shoot with an idea in mind. Be sure also to capture lots of footage so you have plenty to choose from when you’re editing later.

I’ve seen tons of GoPro videos uploaded to YouTube and Facebook over the last few years and I’ll be honest, the perspective that a wearable camera provides makes these videos so exciting to watch. If you’re looking to create your own videos with a new GoPro, keep today’s tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way!