Now’s the Time to Stock Up

reiOutdoor product companies are continually toiling and researching to provide outdoorsmen with the best and most innovative products to make our wilderness experiences safer and more enjoyable. For that reason, you’ll undoubtedly notice a change in products as the seasons progress, with brand new outdoor clothing appearing on the shelves of your local retailer when trends shift. Smart outdoorsmen know that the seasonal shift is the best time to stock up on clothing you need. Specifically, right now you can find great deals on a wide variety of products.

I was just at REI earlier this week and was nearly overwhelmed—in the best way possible, mind you—by the amazing cold weather clothing deals I was able to find. There were huge discounts on racks and racks of products, including jackets from companies like The North Face and Mountain Hardwear, and boots from Keen and Merrell. Due to the incoming warmer temperatures, these winter items won’t be in high demand, so you’ll be able to find low prices on them all over the place, both in store and online.

Furthermore, while you’re picking through the winter clearance racks, keep in mind also that with Spring arriving, many stores will be introducing new Spring products from all the companies we love. Not only that, but many retailers feature huge Spring sales and coupons this time of the year, which makes stocking up on any needed gear a bit easier on your wallet. For instance, my wife and I will be picking up a Yakima Fullswing bike rack with our REI dividend and gear-specific coupon offered in REI’s Spring sale.

Finally, this time of the year, you’ll also find incentives for joining the member program at a given outdoor retailer. I know that REI is offering a gift card/certificate soon for anyone who spends over $100 and signs up to be a member at the same time, basically making the membership free for a limited time.

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time shopping for any product will know that the shift from Winter to Spring is always a great time to look for deals. Winter outdoor products are no exception, and outdoorsmen would do well to head to their local retailer, or visit websites for companies like REI or Bass Pro Shops, to take advantage of sales and coupons.