Here’s a camper style that’s stood the test of time. But now that classic teardrop trailer comes packed with intelligent new design features.

Canadian company Safari Condo’s Alto R1713 and R1723 are lightweight travel trailers with an aerodynamic teardrop shape that makes towing them a breeze. What’s different now? The retro aerodynamic features are combined with generous vertical space inside, thanks in part to the retractable roof design.

Each model comfortably houses three to four people, and both feature two sleeping areas, and an extendable dining area that can be used even when the bedding is set up, a kitchen with a mini-fridge, two-burner gas stove, and a sink, a fixed flush toilet, and lots of storage space. The R1723 model also has an interior shower. Both models have the option for rooftop solar panels, a heat pump, and air conditioning.

These campers are aircraft-inspired, with aluminum walls, roof, floor, chassis, cabinets and bed structures. That alone makes them 600-800 lbs. lighter than other campers of similar size and truly easy to pull. Plus, they’ll probably fit in your garage! The design uses durable, quality materials that don’t rust or rot, so the Teardrop is a camper that could last for decades and allow owners to keep on camping for many years. Compact for easy towing, they quickly transform to comfortably accommodate a family when the roof is raised at the camping site.

There are many different accessories you can add, including a bunk bed, a 15″ LCD TV with a built-in DVD player, removable awnings, a screened-in stand-up tent that attaches to the camper, extra storage cabinets, and a bicycle rack.

These campers can be towed by most cars, but because they are manufactured in small numbers and made primarily of aluminum, they don’t come cheap. Prices start at about $24,000.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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