Watch Moose and Other Animals Play in Sprinklers

A video of a moose and her two young twins playing in a front yard sprinkler went viral recently, but it’s not the first time moose have been caught on camera playing in sprinklers.

Candice Helm, who shot the video during a heat spell in Anchorage, Alaska, told a local television station the moose looked hot so she turned on a sprinkler. 

“They just strolled around the house and looked really hot,” Helm told KTUU-TV. “So we turned on the sprinklers and they were happy.”

Turns out, moose have a certain propensity for outdoor sprinklers. Here is a similar video from a few years ago, where twin baby moose explore a backyard sprinkler with mamma in tow. 

And another video of moose meets sprinkler with similar results from

When it comes to dogs, however, they too have a certain universal reaction and that’s to attack. Check out this compilation of hilarious dog vs sprinkler clips.

Racoons, meanwhile, have a more nuanced approach to sprinklers such as this critter who looks to be playing it like a harp. Set to music, this clip is a pure delight.

 Photo credit: Youtube screenshot