Crazy Cats Confront Wild Animals

Cats are brave. They can also be insane. Sometimes they are a little too brave and insane for their own good, which can lead to some pretty dangerous situations. When it comes to bluffing, cats are some of the best. In the following clips we see some crazy cats taking on big animals. Spoiler alert: no cats are injured in the filming of these videos.

Cat vs. Mountain Lion

Even though there’s a pane of glass between them, the house cat in this clip is fearless against a mountain lion. The cougar made its way into the backyard of a home and approached the sliding glass door where he spotted a nice furry little kitten. The cougar playfully paws at the glass and then strolls away.

Cat vs. Alligator 

Here is a ridiculously brave — or foolish — cat that feels empowered enough to take on an alligator at the Cajun Pride Swamp Tours in Louisiana. Luckily this alligator is fully satisfied with its treats rather than going after a feline main course.

Cat vs. Fox

Here’s a cat that chases off a fox trying to get at its cat food. 

Cat vs. Bear

This cat is crazy enough to take on a black bear.

© Ju1293 | Dreamstime.comCock Against Cats Photo