The Benefits of Going Barefoot


There’s nothing quite like the feel of soft grass on bare feet. Have you ever noticed the difference between walking on wet sand with shoes and without? Well, there is actually scientific proof that validates the health benefits of losing those shoes and connecting with the earth.

Earthing, as it is often called, it was once thought of as another “hippy” counter-culture trend until someone did some research and came up with some pretty cool facts (12 papers worth in fact). The researcher’s name is Dr. James Oschman and he is an expert in the field of energy medicine and biophysics. Oschman concluded that among other health benefits earthing, as he puts it, can stimulate some of the most powerful antioxidants known to man. These antioxidants are proven to reduce inflammation, improve your heart, and help with anti-aging.  

I heard something else years ago that really made sense to me and, from my experience, it seems to work. The earth has a base vibration that is similar to the vibration we encounter when we are in a state of meditation. I have been walking barefoot for years and I can honestly say that there is a difference in the way I feel compared to when I take a walk with my shoes on. I feel, well, more grounded, and that’s a good thing for someone like me who has a lot going on.

Last year, I did an interesting experiment. There is a trail up the road called the snow ditch that runs along an irrigation canal. It’s a beautiful, tree covered walk. On a typical week day around nine in the morning, I decided to walk the four mile round trip with shoes on and then do it at the same time the next day without shoes. Usually, I pass about a half-dozen folks whenever I take that walk.

As I walked along, I exchanged hello’s with the few people who passed by, only stopping once for a quick conversation. It was a nice walk, but nothing unusual. The next day, I took off my shoes and chugged along down the trail. I honestly felt different. Maybe I was more open, or maybe I looked happier, more inviting, because of the seven people that passed by, all but one stopped to talk with me. And we each talked for awhile. I seemed to be attracting more attention.

I was so struck by the difference in how I felt and how people seemed to feel around me, that I decided to walk the trail three more times that week, all barefoot. The same thing happened and I actually had a few folks ask me why I was walking without shoes. I think it caught on because the next day I saw the same lady from the day before walking along barefoot with a big smile on her face. She validated what I’d known for several years—walking barefoot helps reconnect us with nature and positively affects our state of mind. Try it, I bet you’ll agree!

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