10 Ways to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

This year’s unusually warm winter and overly hot summer means that mosquito infestations in many parts are worse than ever. Despite the drought in the west, they will also likely last longer into the season.

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and sweat, so any amount of exertion in the outdoors spells ripe pickings for the hungry pests. While there are many bug repellant products on the market, many of them come with health warnings or are just plain unpleasant.

The most common ingredient in most bug repellants is DEET, which is a toxic pesticide that’s dangerous to human health under heavy exposure. Granted you’re not swimming in the stuff, but why expose yourself to toxic chemicals if you don’t have to?

Repelling mosquitoes isn’t just about avoiding bug bites. Mosquitoes can carry viruses such as West Nile and malaria. Here are 10 ways to naturally repel mosquitoes using natural ingredients: