The Oregon Man Who Lives in a Hobbit Hole


And so the porch remodel on the underground studio begins. #tinyhouse # #simple living #handpanhouse #forts

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When it comes to escaping the chaos and mental clutter of everyday city living, most outdoorsmen simply pack a bag and hit the trail for some time under the stars. For some, a few days are enough to recharge, while others may need a week or two to clear their head.

Then there are those who shed suburban living altogether and fully immerse themselves in nature. Meet Dan Price, the man who built his own “Hobbit Hole” in the Oregon wilderness.

Straight out of The Lord of the Rings, Dan’s tiny, underground house is built into the side of a natural hill and is pretty much only big enough for him. To some, this may sound like an impossible way to live, but to Dan, it suits his needs perfectly.

Known locally as “Hobbit Man,” Dan has spent 20 years living a simple, minimalistic lifestyle as a publisher, photojournalist and artist, a skill that’s quite evident in his home’s design. The exterior of his is decked out in intricate stonework, elegantly curved timber and even an impressive stone patio where Dan can relax while taking in the view.

A small door—only a few square feet—provides entry into Dan’s home, where every inch of the carpeted interior space is utilized to its fullest potential. Pots, pans and mugs hang from the wall above a hot plate for cooking. Tightly-sealed jars of food and spices are nestled alongside a bookshelf, while various pieces of art adorn the walls. There’s even a lamp and a built-in skylight to offer light as Dan reads while lying on his twin-sized makeshift bed.

One excellent perk to living in the hole is temperature control. Because it’s underground, Dan’s home stays quite cool in the summer and warm in the winter, a bonus he picked up from the local animals, who create underground burrows to seek warmth.

Dan was featured on The Today Show in 2013. Since then we haven’t heard much from him, which actually makes a lot of sense. He reportedly splits his time between Oregon and travelling the world, mostly in Hawaii. Besides the original Hobbit Hole, Dan continues to build other small bunkers nearby, including a studio, sweat lodge and an office to continue putting out his Moonlight Chronicles zine. 

Dan reports that he loves living in a smaller, simpler space and that it grants him the opportunity to be one with nature. It may not offer much space for a family or even a pet, but Dan’s Hobbit Hole allows him all the space, freedom and serenity he requires from life.

For more pictures of Dan’s hobbit hole, including a 360 degree angle, click here.