Epic Video Shows The Wedge in Newport Beach in All Its Glory


Down in the Southern California town of Newport Beach there is a storied wave called the Wedge that can have even the most experienced surfers and boarders quaking in their wetsuits.

It’s a steep drop-off on the ocean floor that causes this confluence of water that propells into the air with other-worldy force. This mammoth wave is made even more dangerous by the fact that it breaks in just a few feet of water, making it a short and harrowing endeavor.  

But a wave like this comes with great triumphs as seen during the recent Labor Day weekend when the Wedge unleashed its glory. A tropical depression that weekend provided some of the most outstanding conditions for a wave that has engendered legends for generations. It just quite possibly could have been the best two days at the Wedge ever captured on the following video by TheIntertia.com

Photo credit: Dreamstime