Mountain Lion Unleashes Horrific Mating Call

Be prepared for a scream that will set your hair on end, a scream that will haunt your dreams, a scream that you are unlikely to forget.

It’s a pretty horrifying scream, but it’s not meant to be frightening. It’s actually a female mountain lion in heat trying to attract a mate. This lady’s ready. 

The video was taken from a trail cam by Robert Martinez in the Big Dalton Canyon Park outside Glendora, California. Martinez has been capturing images of mountain lions, bears and bobcats in the park for some time in the park.

Recently Martinez caught a family of mountain lions on camera, demonstrating to Southern California wildlife officials that the lions were in good health. In an interview with Channel 7 News, Martinez called his photography adventures somewhat of an obsession at this point. 

The cameras sense body heat and movement, which triggers them to start recording. In the video of the lion performing a mating call, the cat returns seven hours later to lay down in the same spot. 

“I just want to see these beautiful creatures that roam the mountains when I’m gone and raise awareness and hopefully protect them and keep their legacy going and keep prop 117 in place forever which is a ban on mountain lion hunting in California,” he told the station.

Normally, mountain lions are fearful of people and can be scared off easily. For a look at some terrifying close encounters with people click here.