ManCan Brings Personal Keg to the Backcountry

For solving that age old problem of how to bring a keg into the backcountry, we have got the best solution yet: Carry a keg into the backcountry, but carry a very small one.

It’s called the ManCan, and it allows you to hike with a personal CO2 charged growler as far into the backcountry as your beer drinking heart desires, which if your beer drinking heart is truly committed is probably not very far. 

Regardless, hikers have long deliberated on the prospects of bringing beer to a summit peak or a rushing river after a long hike. A strong schwap of whisky just doesn’t have the same refreshing qualities.

To that end, pioneers like Pat Tatera thought about the problem for a decade before creating Pat’s Backcountry BeveragesUsing condensed beer syrup and a baking soda reactor you can simulate the taste of a flat beer… wonderful.

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Well now along comes the ManCan, available in a one gallon or half-gallon stainless steel tank to keep your beer fresh and carbonated. Similar to a growler, you can fill the ManCan from a local watering hole and take it along to the park or the boat or wherever you want to enjoy craft beer. 

For backpackers, it can be strapped to a pack to enjoy on the trail. Not quite a growler and not quite a keg, it’s a ManCan.

Photo credit: ManCan