Quest 3-Person Backyard Tent is the Best $25 Tent You Can Buy

When considering whether to buy a tent for $25, any consumer would approach such a purpose with a reasonable amount of caution. You get what you pay for, as the old adage says.

For $25, the Quest 3-Person Backyard Tent, available through Dick’s Sporting Goods, actually delivers much more than you paid for, and then some.  This tent is surprisingly strong and durable.

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Double lined seams and sturdy tent poles gives the Quest 3-Person the kind of protection you need from the elements. 

While this Quest tent is billed as a backyard tent, meaning you should be weary of taking it into the backcountry, we really don’t see why not. The tent is super small as it saves space with limited headroom. This is fine for backpackers as it weighs just 4 lbs 6 oz.

The Quest tent does not come with a ground cover and there’s no hefty rain fly, just a small flap that covers the ceiling opening. The material, 450mm waterproof polyster, should stand up to a rain shower. We did not test this tent in an actual rain storm, but we did pour water on the fabric and held it there in a puddle for several minutes without leakage. 

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Some complaints about this tent include the quality of the zipper, but so far we’ve found it to be sturdy. People who bought this tent prior also noted the limited vents. True, this tent only has the ceiling vent and the main door vent, so it can get stuffy. 

The seams, too, may be an issue with condensation. But what tent doesn’t have condensation on the inside in a dewy morning? And while it’s advertised as a 3-person model, this tent is good for two adults.

All-in-all the Quest 3-Person tent is a great option if you’re looking to save money on a small, compact tent.