Gander Mountain Cabin View 6-Person Tent Perfect for Family Camping

We write a lot here at LiveOutdoors about the many different ways to enjoy the camping experience. Some people like to don a backpack with only the bare essentials, trekking into the back country for a rugged experience.

For those who enjoy camping near the car, especially for families, the Gander Mountain Cabin View 6-Person Tent is an ideal choice. 

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Tents themselves haven’t changed much over the years and Gander Mtn delivers on a tried and true design. Measuring 10 feet by 10 feet square, the tent offers plenty of headroom at seven feet tall. It sets up easy, there are windows on every side and convenient storage pockets, including a corner shelving unit for organizing your belongings.

This Gander Mtn 6-person tent is ideal for camping trips with families or summer sleep overs for the kids in the backyard. To keep the bugs away, the tent features mesh screens. There is a removable rain fly for unexpected weather and using guy ropes on the exterior help stabilize the tent during strong winds. 

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While we originally thought this tent would be difficult to set up, erecting it proved extremely easy. Just slide the extendable poles into the slots on the top, then establish the four corner posts. Then just simply lip the poles into the corner connectors and the tent is ready for use. 

This tent is not too hard to pack up but it’s a bit too heavy to carry on an extended backpacking trip, which is why we recommend it for camping near to the car, or maybe walking in a short distance.

If the 6-person variety is still not enough room for you, try the Gander Mtn 8-person and 10-person versions.

For more information:

Gander Mtn 6-Person Cabin View Tent MSRP $259 (on-sale now $179)

Luci Solar Light MSRP $14.95

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