Superior Hiking Trail Offers True Wilderness Experience

Running parallel to the largest lake in the world, the Superior Hiking Trail offers some of the most scenic views in North America, and caters to hikers of all ability levels.

The trail gets its name from Lake Superior, but if it isn’t just the best name for a hiking trail we don’t know what is. The question is whether the trail lives up to its name, and in this case it most certainly does.

Whether you are looking for a one-hour hike or a two-week trek, there is an experience for you on this 310-mile Minnesota trail, running along Lake Superior, from Duluth to the Canadian border.

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As it traverses along the North Shore of Lake Superior and through the Sawtooth Mountains, the Lake Superior Hiking Trail offers a chance to explore beautiful and wild places, including more than a half-dozen state parks and Superior National Forest.

The trail is marked by breath-taking waterfalls, canyons, rock formations and stunning views of Lake Superior, not to mention, pine, cedar, birch and aspen forests that provide a living canopy along the trail.

Visitors are sure to spot a wide range of wildlife along the trail, including deer, wolves, black bear, moose, eagles, osprey, grouse, beavers and much more.

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One of the exceptional features of the Superior Hiking Trail is that it allows hikers to choose short or long hikes. With parking available at 5 to 10-mile intervals along the trail, it allows hikers of any skill level to enjoy a piece of this scenic trail. You can choose rugged sections that will challenge your stamina or short, flat sections that allow anyone to wander through the beautiful northern landscape.

Portions of the trail intersect with the rustic small towns along Lake Superior, making it easy to book a hotel room and use it as a base camp to explore the trail.

For those who would prefer a camping experience, there are nearly 100 rustic campsites along the trail, including many at the various state parks the trail winds through.

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Some of the exceptional highlights along the trail include Gooseberry Falls, Split Rock Lighthouse, the Baptism River at Tettagouche State Park, the Manitou River at Crosby Manitou State Park, the Temperance River at the Temperance River State Park, the Cascade River at Cascade River State Park, the Devil Track River canyon, the Brule River at Judge Magney Stat Park and the Pigeon River at the U.S./Canada border. However there are hundreds of dramatic vistas and breathtaking sites along the trail. Each section offers its own splendor.

If you want to get away and explore a true wilderness experience, the Lake Superior Hiking Trail is the place to visit. Once you step foot on the trail, you will understand why it is consistently rated one of the best hiking experience in the nation.

To learn more about the Superior Hiking Trail, visit the Superior Hiking Trail Association website.

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