Camping with Dogs Instagram Account Will Have You Gushing

As a tribute to all those precious moments spent hiking and camping with your canine companion, the Instagram account Camping With Dogs has compiled some of the most adorable photos on the Internet.  

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Few things are as rewarding about owning a dog than being able to camp with your pooch. Be sure to check the rules on particular hiking trails and take precautions, but where it’s allowed, you’ll find dogs love to hit the trails. 

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When my Newfie-border collie got off leash on a hiking trail he seemed to tap into his more ingrained canine habits of protecting the herd and leading the way. He would soar up the trail to take a look up ahead only to double back and wait for us to catch up. 

For all those trail dogs and their dutiful owners, this Instagram account @Campingwithdogs is just for you. We’ve put together some of the best in the slideshow below:

Photo credit: Instagram @Campingwithdogs