Would You Sleep in this Luxury Transparent Capsule on a Cliff in Peru?

We have all seen photos of rock climbers belayed on the side of steep cliffs, going about their business of eating and sleeping like it’s no problem. At Nature Vive in Peru you can experience what it’s like to be a rock climber and even live on the cliffside without being an expert.

Situated 400 feet above the Sacred Valley of Peru, this luxury adventure travel destination allows guests to stay in transparent capsules overlooking the town of Cusco. Each of the resort’s three Skylodge Adventure Suites include four beds, a dining area and private bathroom. 


A stay at Nature Vive truly puts the thrill of adventure within reach of just about anybody. Along with these amazing accommodations, there is also a zip line and “via ferrata,” similar to what exists for visitors to climb Half Dome in Yosemite.

The via ferrata is a great and safe way for beginning climbers to have access to extreme vertical sections that would otherwise only be reached by experts. The climber is permanently tied to a steel cable that runs through the entire route. Metal ladders, bridges and other devices are used to ease travel, but it is still a heart-stopping trip with spectacular scenery.

Along with these thrills, the resort also offers expert instructors in technical rope rescue, advanced first aid and botany. Classes are taught by expert mountaineers that also perform regular inspections and constant evaluations of the CE certified equipment.

For more information visit Nature Vive.