Red Bull Sends Kayaker to Sand Dunes in Namibia

In the realm of extreme sports, nobody produces more outlandish stunts than the twisted minds at Red Bull. In the latest in the sandboarding variety, whitewater kayaker Eric Walter was given a challenge to conquer the towering sand dunes in Namibia.

Usually he’s in search of rapids, but for this adventure it would take steep dunes of sand. Fortunately on Nambia’s coast line there exist such the dunes. With a little help from three paragliding friends — Tim Alongi, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier and Cyrille Marck — Walter pulls off the adventure of a lifetime.

kayaking-and-paragliding-the-sand-dunes (1)


While it’s not the most extreme sandboarding challenge — that honor went to a recent a clip of snowboarder Wojtek Pawlusiak sandboarding behind a rally car — it’s still exquisite in its beauty and grace. And it just looks like the funnest thing in the world. 

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Photo credit: Red Bull