4 Roof Top Tents for Summer Camping

Within the last several years, the use of car roof top tents have become insanely popular among campers and four-wheel-drive enthusiasts. These are tents that mount to the roof of your vehicle and stow away like a luggage carrier.

When I think of one of these car roof top tents, the first thing that comes to mind is an old-school Land Rover on an African safari – a tent perched on top so the lions will not be able to get to the camper while you sleep.

Though that may be a practical purpose, car roof top tents are incredibly versatile for just about anywhere. Just pop it on your roof and you’re ready to go. There is no better time than summer to try one out for yourself.  

Here are four popular choices on the market today:

arb kakadu


As one of the foremost companies to produce vehicle accessories for the off-road adventurer, ARB sets the standard for roof-top tents with the ARB Kakadu. This style is probably the most common. It folds open, extending away from the vehicle, and has a ladder which allows an easy entrance into the tent. This particular model is great for summer camping because it was designed with maximum ventilation features.

bigfoot tents explorer series hard shell

bigfoot tents

The Explorer Series Hardshell, by Bigfoot Tents, is a unique set-up. It looks like a long, wide, and slender rocket box when not deployed. It is areo-dynamic, sleek, and secure due to its hard-shell exterior. It is extremely tough and provides the best protection out of many like it on the market. It is fairly compact when open, and it is easily deployed in seconds with the use of a hand-crank.

gordi gear gumtree tent room


This one is a little different, but still effective and practical. It’s basically like having a full size room attached to the side of your vehicle. The Gumtree Tent Room creates a modular tent system off the top of your choice of travel vehicle, as long as it is tall enough for use. The Gumtree tent room has to be used with the Gumtree Awning, which, in fact, can be used on its own if the user does not need full protection from the elements on all sides. The complete system is easily deployed and is easily altered for whatever the weather permits. Why climb up on the top of your car if you don’t have to?

cascadia vehicle tents mt. rainier extended pioneer series


The Mt. Rainier Pioneer Series is a monster of a tent. It combines a large roof-top tent with a vehicle-side room tent. It utilizes maximum space around the vehicle being used. It can fit three or more people, along with plenty of room for storage and use. If you and your group of buddies are looking for a car-tent large enough to accompany all of you, plus your gear, then this is the tent for you.