The Whitetail Slam

In the hunting world, obtaining ‘slams’ has become the measuring standard for hunters to commemorate their hunting achievements. From the pricey Sheep Grand Slam to the more affordable Turkey Grand Slam, slams offer another way for hunters to challenge themselves and other hunters by keeping track of collective hunting goals that can include countries, regions or species.  The Whitetail Slam is a newer creation and the website both promotes it and offers a way for hunters to record it.

Basically, there are eight regions in North America where the Whitetails of the slam are represented, and they are The Dakota Whitetail, The Desert Whitetail (Coues), The Gulf Coast Whitetail, The Northwestern Whitetail, the Seminole Whitetail, the South-Central Plains, and the Southeast Whitetail. 

These eight territories represent the traditional ranges of Whitetail deer. The deer from these areas differ in size, color and habits, and they live in different climates from tropical to northern snow country.  For specific boundary lines and info, the website lays them out in great detail, but the substance of the Whitetail Slam’s goal is to promote deer hunting diversity and to educate hunters about the Whitetail deer.

According to the website, recognizing the eight sub-groups of Whitetail deer was the brainchild of the biologists at the famous Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), which is not only an organized entity, but it’s tenants have been adopted by land-owners and hunting clubs nation-wide.  QDMA has set the standard when it comes to managing Whitetail herds for both quality and healthy herd numbers. 

One advantage of chasing the Whitetail Slam is that there are unlimited opportunities to hunt. In North America, there are Whitetails going into rut from August to February, from Florida all the way up to northern Canada. For a deer hunting freak who has the money and the time, this slam can keep you busy.

One of the positive aspects of the Whitetail Slam is that lack of emphasis on trophy quality. By forgoing the measuring of antlers, the Whitetail Slam has instant deer-management credibility by encouraging the harvest of any deer, however, the organization does encourage that only mature animals are targeted. Harvesting mature animals is a proven tool for healthy herd management.

If you are interested in setting a new Whitetail hunting goal, check out the and start making your hunting plans.