Four New Hunting Products

Bushnell G-force 1300 Arc

The days of 400 yard range finders that barely work out to 150 yards are gone. Bushnell has come out with a 1300 yard monster that is compact, light and cheap. But, what does 1300 yards mean exactly? It means this unit can read a target out to 1300 yards from a highly reflective target. Since most deer are not “highly reflective,” all you need to know is that this unit will shoot a good reading at a deer standing 500 yards away. For those of you paying attention, that is farther than the average rifle hunter’s shooting distance.

Thompson/Center Dimension Rifle

Every hunter is familiar with the Contender by Thompson that became famous in the 1980’s for its interchangeable barrels. Well, TC has introduced a rifle system that does the same. You can buy the basic rifle with one barrel, and buy additional barrels in different calibers that will all work on this system.  It might not appeal to everyone, but when you are used to shooting a particular rifle, it is nice to know that you don’t have to buy an entire new rifle just to switch calibers.  Thompson Center Arms has a stellar reputation in the hunting industry and I bet the Dimension line will be a success.

Under Armour Footwear

Under Armour clothing is a part of our culture now, but the company has just dived into the footwear business.  They unveiled a complete hunting line this year and it looks like their waterproof boots are going to be advertised the most. Boring Rubber boots have been replaced with scentless and sleekness. Muck boots have been the standard bearer for a couple of years now, but Under Armour has some lightweight rubber boots that make all other boots look like your grandpa’s.  Just like their clothing, UA has considered design just as important as materials, and their new boots are nice enough to create wearer’s pride.

Wildgame Innovations Pile Driver Feeder

Whether you want to feed deer or other wildlife, Wildgame Innovations has a new feeder that is designed to not waste feed.  Everyone who has ever used a feeder knows that you have to accept wasted feed as part of the game, but the Pile Driver uses an auger feed system which means that it can take powders, minerals, pellets and corn. Not very many feeders can accomplish this feat.  It runs on a battery and can hold 30 pounds.