Big Cedar Lodge

Getaways: Big Cedar Lodge

Big Cedar LodgeAll around the world, there are hundreds upon hundreds of fishing retreats and resorts that cater to the traveling outdoorsmen. It seems that, no matter where your angling aspirations lead you, there will most likely be a lodge nearby that offers guide services, recreational equipment, or even provides tackle for whatever your quarry may be. Some such lodgings are a little more obscure than others, but the topic of this addition to my Getaways collection is instantly recognizable to any fisherman. Today, I aim to provide you all with a brief, but detailed, insight into the majesty of Bass Pro Shops’ Big Cedar Lodge.

Nestled on legendary Table Rock Lake, just a few minutes from Branson, Missouri, the Big Cedar Lodge is the epitome of what a true outdoorsman looks for when it comes to a vacation. The Lodge consists of a rustic, yet elegant, design and perfectly exemplifies what the outdoors means to those who yearn to experience nature the way it should be experienced.

Guests have a number of options to choose from, in terms of rooms. Private log cabins with fireplaces and hotel rooms with a modern twist on the outdoors lifestyle are available to accommodate whatever your tastes may be.

As far as activities are concerned, where should I begin? Table Rock Lake is the crown jewel of bass fishing and the marina houses dozens of watercraft that will allow any angler to experience this majestic lake in style. There are also two world-class spas—the Carriage House and the Lakeside Spa—to help you further rid your mind and body of the stresses of the bustle of everyday life. Other activities include a challenging golf course, horseback riding provided by stables located on the grounds, and even Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, a 2,200-acre park located in the Ozarks that is home to beautiful scenery, exciting trails, and opportunities to fish and experience all forms of wildlife.

At the end of a busy day of activities, choose from one of five restaurants to partake in mouth-watering culinary masterpieces for every pallet. Of course, if you find yourself yearning for a more comfortable or intimate setting, you can always order up room service. There are also many unique items available at the Lodge’s gift shop and plenty of activities for children, including group outings and events that serve as an introduction to the outdoors.

How can any angler or fan of the outdoors look upon the mighty and welcoming presence of the Big Cedar Lodge and not instantly feel right at home? The remote, yet free, atmosphere of the grounds and a full list of activities to keep anyone busy during the day—not to mention a collection of dining and relaxation options at the day’s end—anyone who yearns to leave their worries at home and truly get away owes it to themselves to look into this truly perfect resort.

For more information on the Big Cedar Fishing Lodge, including rates and reservations, feel free to contact the lodge directly at 1-800-BCLODGE (1-800-225-6343), or visit